THIS Is Frist Experience I Had With Woman

Hi my name is elvis douggie and I am mumbai going type of a guy you know, the bottom line is, I will tell you a story I HAD LOVE THIS EXPERIENCE SO MUCH THAT TILL TODAY I GO ON SUCKING *****??? THANKS TO MARY ANN. one day I was traving by a train to go town for a movie I stood near doorway because the train was jam pack, suddenly from nowhere I saw a girl, she was standing right front me we were both facing each others. she smile at me and said Hi ? so I smile back and said to her Hi. believe it or not my friends at that very moment I felt her hand move to my pant ziper pulling it slowly down she pulled my **** out of the pant ziper and started playing with it my **** became so hard that I knew I was going to come, when I did come all over her hands. she then look up it me and said to me YOU LIKE IT AND ASKED FOR MY NAME AND MY CELL NUMBER. when we met for the second time she asked me if I love to suck her *****. till this day my friend I am doing the same think going on sucking ***** as such this experience which I just shared with you  I experienced a long time a go we still meet some time. if any of you want to experience the way Mary Ann had experienced please call me 9004191330 I'll be happy for service to you.


Elvis Douggiboy

douggieboy douggieboy
Feb 17, 2009