EP and Me :)

Well, I am 16 years old. I live in Michigan, in the USA. I am a Christian, and I go to a wonderful Baptist church. I like to write stories, poetry, and occasionally a song or two, and I enjoy cooking, and playing the piano. I don't yet have a job, but I am trying to get one this fall, when all of the kids go back to school. I am homeschooled, and am a senior this year. I have long, dark red hair, and blue eyes, and I am kind of tall. I found the Experience Project by accident, while I was just surfing the Web one day. This is one of the only free non-advertising sites I've ever been to, and I really enjoy that about it. You guys don't give away my email, and you don't constantly spam me, wither, and I really like that. I suppose what I like the most about the site is that I have the freedom to express myself anonymously, without fear of being recognised by someone I know. I can get advice from my peers, and there aren't any prejudices, or people who judge me for what I look like, or sound like. No one really gets in arguments, and the whole thing is pretty much about exploring who you are as an individual. An example of some of the advice I recieved from friends came this summer, when I was unsure of whether I wanted to go to summer camp, having had bad experiences in the past. My friends on the Project shared with me some experiences that they had had, and the consequences of their choices about camp, and I was able to weigh out the facts and decide accurately whether or not I wanted to go. I went to camp this summer, and I had a very good time, and I owe it all to the Experience Project, and the nagging of my best friend. I have made two very good friends on this site, and I'm so thankful. As of right now, I have shared 81 experiences, and written 65 stories about them. Apparently, 3,317 people have read my stories, and left 33 comments. I am privileged to have influenced the lives of people who read my stories, even in the smallest way, and I hope that that influence has been for the best. Here, I give advice as well as recieve it, and my advice to anyone would be to join the Experience Project. It has help me grow so much as an individual, in an onlince society where everyone treats me as an equal, even if they are older than I am, or smarter. Thank you EP!!! :)

Gryphonheart Gryphonheart
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2007