Reminds Me of Journaling Way Back When

I love the EP. I've just found it a few days ago, but am so glad I did.

It reminds me so much of lots of journaling that I used to do, years ago, but have mostly forgotten about.

Being able to sit down and process some ideas and feelings and put them out there is cathartic and enjoyable. Getting response and knowing that many of these feelings and ideas are shared by other thoughtful humans is truly lovely.

Three cheers for the EP.

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3 Responses Aug 11, 2007

guess that is part of the beauty of the EP. Everyone shares their ideas and ways of making meaning. I definately believe there is an aspect of chance and coincidence always at work.<br />
Though, I agree that there probably was not a lot of coincidence in most of us finding the site. To be rated high on Google's search results is no coincidence. It is a well paid service. The EP is a great thing, but still a business, with a very good business model. They did not get our attentions by coincidence. They had a good marketing plan.

Oh Meggers, please don't claim some type of universal intelliegence or deeper meeaning on this one :) .<br />
<br />
Finding the site truly was chance in my case--that is, chance that was dramatically increased by really paying good money to the search engines for top o' the list listings.<br />
The people behind the EP are no dummies. They are paying big GOOGLE-money. BUt for good reason. They've got a huge community of active particpants. They keep dragging us back with these emails "SO and SO has commented on your story".....<br />
HOw long before you think they'll sell it for millions and there will be pop-up ads on each page?<br />
NOt that there is anything wrong with that.....

i Came Across this site by Accident But gladly i did!! =] its hard to keep Things in a Notebook in my House Journals are always Being Read This Gives me A Chance To Write about Variety of Stuff Noone At Home Can be Nosy =] love Ep!