I'll apologise now for this being a negative story. I found EP in a state of utter desolation late last year, and it pretty much stabilised my life and got me back on track again. I have found firm friends here; recieved some fabulous advice. For me, it has been better than therapy. For these reasons (and a number of others) I decided to join as a sponsor. I visit here every day.

Now for the annoyed bit. I wrote this in my private blog, but decided to share it as a story...

I'm bloody furious. Four morons are spouting utter garbage in a thread to which they have attached a "sport" similar to walking past a nice car and scraping it with a key.

"Ha ha ha... look what I can do using the miracle of two brain cells and a synapse..."


Why am I so annoyed? Because somebody poured their heart out and was laughed at by some social retards showing off their ability to amuse themselves by hurting someone else. Golly, how adult; how clever; I want nothing more than to make them my lifelong friends. 

Even sarcasm isn't enough. I don't want to start swearing because it will get pretty... sweary...

Is "sweary" even a word? Sorry, I digress...

So I used the "block user" facility for the first time tonight. Miraculous! Everything goes quiet and the thread looks much more normal.

Unfortunately, other people will be subjected to the vandalism of emotions demonstrated there, and may think "this is a bit harsh" and never come back. How DARE these idiots do that!

Anyhow, since I wrote that I've calmed down. And I really do love this place - that's why I get so annoyed when somebody tries to spoil it.

Magners Magners
46-50, M
Mar 14, 2009