I Love Ep!!! ...

I love EP!!! very very very much, its the best site I've found, here I can be myself, I can be heard and I can write everything I feel without fearing to be judged. It's a great theraphy for me this site and I have made a few good online friends. I enjoy reading peoples stories, I laugh, cry  with them. this site proves we are humans . EP rules yup yup
Secretpoem Secretpoem
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3 Responses Sep 1, 2007

I admire what you said. It will make us feel comfortable and light when we share our problems and experiences in life. Being open to a person means you trust them. Having a true friendthat will love you and accept what you are are hard to find personally. Being here islike you are free to live without limitations, you get advices and youalso find somepeople who has the same problem like yours. It makes me feel happy that I dont struggle this problem alone, and you know that many of you are fighting and solving these problems even though its nearly imposibe or really imposible. I hope I can share my experience too. I lack privacy in our home thats why i cant have time to write peacefully. Btw im using cell right now and its 2am here.

But I don't love people who add you without speaking to you. What do they want? And block perverts imediately, that's simply disgusting.

Me too :) <3