Enjoying Being On Ep

I have been on the Experience Project since August of 2008; I have enjoyed it very much!:P

 I have found it enjoyable, fun, and interesting to share my experiences and stories on a variety of subjects, and to read those of  others!

 Some of the stories are quite thought-provoking; reading them has led me to do some positive introspection and soul-searching! This has been a very positve and fulfilling experience!

 I am happy that I found others who share my interests and desires, and who understand me and my frame of mind!

I am thankful to my EP fans and friends for their input, support, feedback, and encouragement!

And, I am grateful to the nice persons of the EP support area. You all have been very helpful to me as well!

I am looking forward to a long, fun, fulfilling future as an EP participant! :P

jrhanold jrhanold
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

And I still enjoy being on EP, in
August, 2014! :)

One question, though:

How does six years go by so quickly?