I Feel I'm Able To Help So Many By My Experiences

I'm not going to write out my story at this time, but I am going to write out many of the topics my life covers. Then I am going to look for groups or hopefully get invited to groups (I don't know if that's done on this site) so I can give my input and experience.

So to start, I was a product of a bi-racial relationship in the 60's. Put up for foster care before even being born. My father is Black, my mother Italian/German. I was placed in a home at 3 days old and never left. My adopted parents were: father, puerto rican my mother Black. I had an older sister that my parents (the parents are the ones who raised me =) 7 years old than me.

I look whiter than white, but knew I was half black.

I have experienced racisim from blacks and whites. ALL MY LIFE.

I denied being any black until 17.

I was an alcohol and drug abuser by the age 11.

I was raised in an Ozzie and Harriet home, meaning, no cursing, drinking, fighting, bad tv, and God.

I went to Catholic school for elementary school.

I went into public school in 7th grade and went literally out of control.

I was considered loud, touch and obnoxious.

I was actually very shy with a VERY low self-esteem.

I never fit in anywhere completely.

I grew up in a neighborhood where there were families w/ children and we all played outside together everyday.

The first "divorce" and only in the neighborhood was treated like a disease, so hush hush.

My very first "real" boyfriend was 18 and I was 14 and my parents loved him.

I became very promiscuous by high school, thinking sex would find me love.

I needed to be great at something, unfortunately it became partying and being promiscuous.

I left home right after graduation and moved away.

I experienced rape.

I would hitchhike alone in the middle of the night on the highway.

My experiences with LSD have opened me to a spiritual realm that is beyond most people's comprehension. 

I met my very best friend in 1984 who I didn't reconnect with for another 25 years.

I experienced jail, not hardcore, but I've been on the inside.

I lived in Florida where I became pregnant with my first child at 20 years old.

I became a single mother and had a second child to a second man 9 years later that I thought I was spending the rest of my life with. Didn't happen.

God nudged me September 13, 1998 this time I listened and stayed.

I was disobedient when God told me that the man I was seeing wasn't for me, I didn't listen and married him.

I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life on my wedding day.

I was in a church that believed you could only leave your husband if he was cheating on you, while punching you in the face at the same time!

I had two more children, by my husband.

I had a 10 year miserable marriage, which was the only relationship that was with a "so-called" christian.

I left my husband on a sibatical, hoping for a reconciliation-my 3 step plan, fall in love w/ Christ, w/ each other & put our family back together.

Though in weekly counseling w/ a pastor, my ex-husband did nothing for reconciliation.

We divorced a little over a year later.

God whispered "his" name in my ear. The best friend from 25 years ago.

We connected and knew in a week, this was God.

He is incarcerated.

We only see each other as we saw each other 25 years ago.

I know that fairytales are possible, but only if God is the author.

I am now an advocate of reforming sex offender laws.

I am a Christian Lifecoach.

I was a middle school cheerleading coach.

I experienced depression that left me almost suicidal.

I only have sons. I was also a full time step mother during my marriage.

I am a big time "wrestling mom"

I, for the first time in my life, am in love with my best friend.

I finally know what real unconditional love is at 43 years old.

I have the knack of drawing children and teens to me and being "safe" to them.

I am engaged, he even called my father asking him for permission and his blessing.

Our future goals are to minister in 3rd world countries and be soldiers for Christ.


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I love the statement that says "I know that fairytales are possible, but only if God is the author" <br />
I am fully trusting God to be the author of my fairy tale.

I would love to hear from anyone on any of these experiences!