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 I love art ...  i have oil pastels  but i very rarely get to use them .. and im not very skilled with them either .. but i want to learn .. i love it everything really could be considered a form of art   your look music , dance , painting , pottery , paper mache everything in this earth is some form of art.
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You would be surprised how good you become when you take a few minute four or five times a day. <br />
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I tried it. I began at age 50!<br />
But I do very well now, i do the most difficult stuff like human hands, feet and faces...NEVER thought I would.<br />
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So, just do it religiously for awhile. <br />
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Good luck, <br />
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=] great!! You should really try using Oil pastels.. they're not so bad!! There are some really nice fancy ones out there - I like Chalk Pastels (similar, but different texture)... there's some at school called Rembrandts. They're very expensive but worth it!