My All Time Favorite Episode Is .....

okay i cant pick one .... but i love the one where timmy and trixie are the only two people ( and aliens) on the earth . Feed me and tell me im pretty !!!  and  i like the one where timmy wishes to hear the thoughts of the roach and they start to take over the earth  (WORLD DOMINATION ) and the threatmantic email one " oh timmy  i am respecting your privacy by knocking but am asserting my authority as your parents by coming in anyway . " Ha thats gonna be me ... except with out the battering Ram . So many good episodes ... I could go on and on

starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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1 Response Mar 21, 2007

My daughter is a true FOP fan. She even recites the dialogue while the show is on. I liked the one about the battering ram too. She tells me don't get any ideas..