I Love Playing These

I like to play these games a lot. I like to start on easy and work my way up the difficulty levels. I like to also learn about what other cultures believes are. You can learn some of what the Japanese think about the supernatural. It's pretty interesting. Plus I just love ghost things.
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I like this game too!
But i never manage to finished it though
It was so scaryyy
one time I played with my friend. My player(I played as rei kurosawa that time). She was walking on this long corridor and when she turned there was a male ghost behind her!
OMG i was so shocked! I even paused the game to catch my breath lol
it was weird! usually when there's a ghost nearby, there will be a small lamp below. And if u get nearer, it will turn redder! But when I played, the lamp didn't show up!

Just randomly clicked on your profile then I saw this! :D. I love the fatal frame games too!, haha. Playing through the third one at the moment. I have never finished it sadly, but its awesome. Best horror games in my opinion.

They are really great. Good luck on getting through the third one. I have never played the 4th on yet but I know it's different then the previous ones.

Me neither sadly, seems to be only on Wii and as far as I can tell only released in japan or something, not even an Europe or u.s release. Which is a shame!. And thank you :).