Is It Ok To Grope Bbw *** Daily...........i Like It But Some Bbw's Dont!!!

I go to malls specially to feel the soft butt of a BBW.
Most of them enjoyed it.So I got ADDICTED.
It's like free sex with mutual consent.
They would smile always.
One day at a Bus Stop,
one bloody ugly bbw shouted even if I touched her back(Only to check herconsent..!!!)
And abused me.
i felt like to rape her !!!
Bloody ugly bbw .She had a old hubby.may be she was happy with him.
God bless her & *****hubby..
Why did do it when many beautiful ladies are there all over with a heavenly
smile & butt in malls..The RICH BEAUTIFUL BBW's.
From Now die all ugly bbw's with your ugly hubbies.
Welcome my beautiful gf & all beautiful bbw's with heavenly ***.
javapgmr javapgmr
26-30, M
Jan 19, 2013