My husband and I have been waiting for it to rain first thing in the morning for some time now.  Sunday morning, I went down stairs to check on the dogs, and I noticed that I heard rain.  I peeked my head outside and it was rain softly.  I tip toed upstairs (I was still nude), crawled into bed, and told Glasgif it was raining.  He smiled and asked it I felt like going outside on the back deck. 

  We went outside and the rain was softly failing and it felt so nice to feel like rain and the breeze on our  naked bodies.  It made me feel so alive that all my senses were heightened,  I could feel the cold, rainy breeze, as well as the heat radiating from Glasgif's body. 

  Standing there, in the early morning hours with Glasgif on the back deck, with a breeze lightly caressing our bodies with the light rain, was one of the best things ever. 




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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

that sounds most pleasurable

That sounds great, too!

Mmmm...I remember that. Felt nice and cold.