I Love To Dress It

I also love to wear plastic clothes. right now I'm wearing my gray PVC sauna suit like a normal suit. I love it. also now lost puz plastic it had when it was new liquids is now much more comfortable wearing it I tried to wear pants for a night just like pajama how nice to wake up all sweaty and legs with soft suit that followed my body in every movement. I also tried to wear the mantle of the rain when I was younger.'m happy not to be the only one who likes to wear clothes in plastic
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Can't beat the feel for those PVC plastic vinyl sauna suits. Lots of pictures on Youtube with guys wearing their sauna suits. I also enjoy wearing my sauna suit. They should make sauna suits with a Beer or Ale logo on them so guys would wear them to the local bar or pub.

I have a complete plastic suitm it zips up and covers me in tight see through plastic.<br />
I get my girlfriend to tease me when I am in it and get me out when I run out of air and have made the punishment suit sticky

i use clear plastic bags as dress. With bags i make trousers tunics skirt etc.

I allso lo wear plastic clothes. I am wearing plastic underwear at the moment

I love plastic clothes and plastic bed linens.

i like plastic clothes too