Cute And Prissy

I have been wearing plastic raincoats and rain bonnets for years but was always looking for something different to wear.I was looking at some nice looking plastic shower curtains one day and figured out a way to make a kind of a dress or gown with the curtains.I really liked the fact that they covered my body from head to foot.I took an old rain bonnet and used it as a pattern and made a matching rain bonnet to match my gown.I soon found that I had several of these matching outfits hanging in my closet.I had been divorced for about 10 yrs and very much on my own.My fetish was pretty much my whole life but soon to changed .I was going with a girl who knew of my fetish and occasionally dressed me up.I was getting quite a wardrobe and decided to set up my spare bedroom as a my dressup room.One afternoon my girlfreind came over.We decided  to go out for supper.I had been working on my car before she arrived and so had to take a shower.I left my dressup room door ajar and she went in and looked but never said anything to me.My girlfreind was quite the shopper and I would like to go with her hoping to see some plastic raincoats then return to the store and buy some.One day while we were shopping she went into a fabric store and was looking at dress, apron and bonnet patterns.It gave me some ideas but I didn't have a clue how to sew.A couple weeks went buy and my girlfreind asked me to come over to her place for a BBQ.I showed up around 10.00a.m. I sat down at the kitchen table.Jackie sat across from me.She had a very strange smile on her face.She took my hands and told me that she had seen my dressup room.She wasn't  upset with what she saw she wanted to know why I didn't tell her.I explained it was rather embarrassing for me to tell her that I was wearing plastic dresses.I have dressed you in ladies plastic raincoats and bonnets if you want to wear plastic dresses thats find with me all you had to do was ask me.I saw the dresses you made and matching bonnets and I was really impressed.I want you come with me I have a surprise for you she told me.Once in her bedroom she started to take off my clothes and then told me to undress her.We stood there naked then she told me to go to the bed and turn the sheet back and bring the items with me that were under the sheet.I did what she said,under the sheet was a pink floral plastic raincoat  and matching bonnet.I returned to where she was standing and she told me to dress her up in the coat and bonnet.I thought they were for me.After I dressed her she put a blindfold me.I could hear her moving about the bedroom.She then came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me,the soft plastic pressed against my body and I started to get goose bumps.She turned me a little bit then told me to be still,she then took my hands and put them on her shoulders.Now lift your foot and take a small step forward.When I put my foot down I could feel the soft plastic around my ankles,now the other foot she said.The plastic was so soft and smooth.She told me to get my balance and then it happened I could feel her pulling the plastic up my legs til it stopped  at my waist.She had me put my arms out straight and she put a bra on me and padded them with some plastic material.Now bend over at the waist she said and put your arms out next to your head.Next I could feel the plastic on my arms,then it went over my head and back.Now stand up straight.When I did I could feel the plastic fall around my waist,it was a dress of some sort and had some weight to it as rested on my shoulders.I could hear Jackie doing the snaps up on the back of the dress.When she finished she had me put my arms out in front of me again and I could feel her putting something over the front of the dress,then tie it behind my back.It had to be an apron.She turned me around and had me sit on the bed.She then put my long hair up on my head with some hair clips.I am right here in front of you Stephen I am just about done she said softly. I am going to take the blind fold off but you have to promise not to look she said to me. I nodded my head.Next came some shower caps ,a few seconds went by then anyother cap so I thought ,it had to be a rain bonnet because she tied it under my chin.She then stood me up.I could hear her fussing with the dress and fixing the bonnet.She moved me ahead a couple paces.I really hope you like your surprise Stephen.You can open your eyes.I was anxious and scared at the same time.I opened my eyes and found myself standing in front of a  4X8 full length mirror.I was wearing a victorian gown.It was all plastic.It was was a soft pink in color,about every 10 ins was a white rufflel,my pinafore apron was white with pink ruffles on the shoulder strapes and around the hem and pockest...The bonnet was so feminine and matched my gown with a big bow tied under my chin.Jackie was standing beside me,you look so cute.I saw your dress creations and decided to have this made for you.I was so happy and felt and looked so girly I was speechless.I t was a real fun day for both of us.We played dressup quite a bit.We never stayed together but remained good freinds.I still my gown and fawn memories.
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Excellent. Wish it had been me.