Aw Hell Yes. Plastic And Pvc.....

I like to watch my wife get naked and then slowly pick a plastic mac from our wardrobe, a lovely clear plastic mac and watch her slide into it. A short mac with a zip. Then I lie her down on our bed and spend several minutes rubbing my hands all over her PVC clad body....Now I lick that mac, I lick it and kiss it....Then she puts on her PVC knickers. Oh god I love to lick her thru that plastic. Yeah, I love the feel of plastic clothes aswell.
peeveesee peeveesee
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

You lucky man , you have your wife playing with you. My wife doesn't love plastic. Yes she allows me to play but she doesn't play.
Today she was going for a walk and told me , while she was out i couldspend some time bagged , and that happened ........It have been fantastic , but i think it's a great thing to have a play mate