What Type of Seam Do You Love?

Over my many years of pantyhose and tights indulgence, I have discovered that there is a whole plethora of seam designs and finish. The most common seam in the toes section are usually quite coarse and thick. These are the ones you can feel at all times and they are the seams that hurts the flesh of your toes if they are stronger than mild support when you wear them to sleep at night.

Then there are the rolls Royce of hosiery such as wolfords which tend to have flattened seams. Oh they feel heavenly when I wear them to sleep. Wriggle as you may, you will hardly be able to feel the seams on the toes.

So, guys do you love the flattened seams or the "worm like" rough seams?
jennifervelvet jennifervelvet
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

I definitely have a preference for flat seams. The less of a seam I feel on the toes the better. That's particularly the case when wearing a peep toe shoe, and I roll the seam underneath the toes to prevent it from being visible. <br />
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I find sleeping hose to be a challenge for the toes, but for me it has more to do with compression (i.e. reinforced toes). Sandal toes are less of a bother, and doesn't seem to matter as much if the seam is flat or not.

Amen to flattened seams in hosiery

Thinking back - I have had those men's tights. Yes, thick and less relieving, but dang them seams made it impossible to walk in.

Liking seamless more, I'd have to say flatened seams if any.