Just Touch Me

Touch my heart
with your single glance
Touch my skin
with your hungry lips
Touch my body
with your bare hands
Touch my „treasure“
with your (in)sane way

Just touch me...

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14 Responses May 12, 2011

Should you two get a room? :-)

Dream to be fulfilled, touching paradise

To touch you is heaven

Awww... touching yours, too... ;p<br />
<br />
I like that though... playing with the hair...

yeah, but you can't sound like a man. I will bet you anything you can't do that!

Princess, beautiful words and they so are encouraging me to touch you. I will I will

I bet you can't pull it off!

I want neither to feel ashamed, too! Just keep touching... ;p

I will get you back next time you call me. I am good at messing with people while talking! I am evil!

Well you better be feeling better now!


Why do you feel down?! I guess I have to make you feel up then!

Why are you biting me?! you asked to be touched!