Pole Climbing ******

When i climb up a pole or rope it makes me have an ******.

I found this out when i was around 8 or 9 while climbing a rope in gym class. Of course i was too young at the time to know what was happening, i just knew how nice it felt.

If this happens to you please leave a comment

thanks x

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I also discovered how good it may feel down between my legs if I continue climbing a pole even if I am exhausted. The pleasure kept rapidly building up in a few seconds, and I think I had my very first climax as a child of 9 or 10. For sure I have tried again, after some days, and the same mind blowing dry climax. Even had some more in a raw... My next recall is when I was trying to repeat that pleasurable experience some years after, it was late in the afternoon and as nobody was around I have started again to climb the pole... and when I felt I am about to reach the climax I quickly took my penis out form my short pants in order to keep my under dry.
For sure achieving this kind of pole / rope climbing climax has nothing to do with sexual arousal, since first occurred when I was doing gym, with no sex in my mind at all. It comes as an absolute reward for trying so hardly to climb that pole :-). There is also another technique, called door humping / climbing / hanging, with the very same effect. Looks like this climbing induced climax is not scientifically documented, but it may be quite usual at both girls and boys in their early childhood, ages between 5 and 12. As one grows older, it starts to have a clear sexual connotation. Glad I can share this with you here!

This would happen to me as a kid too. Now 62, and way out of shape, I tried it again the other day and, voila! was able to eke out a "coregasm" as some have describe it.

Those were heady times, filling one's shorts, then walking around all sticky. :)

Now too old, battered and bruised, and hard to get such enjoyment...

I loved that feeling

Oh yeah - loved rope climbing - tree climbing - pole climbing. 8 or 9 i discovered it too

i used to get this too from climbing up tres when i was younger. but that was before i could *** properly.

does anyone know why this happens???

As I a smaller young 8-10 years, Milo I this beautiful feeling in the bar at the gymnastics. Many years it was advised to me forgotten and thought today times post again to try it again. I had on me in one night on a playground a climbing scaffold hung and the bar between my legs rub leave me. After about 10 minutes I got feeling gate again. Now I have built me a rod themselves and practise it often at home. Should I do how I get my videos and I can then view it is me. It is the most beautiful feelings for me and will do it again and more often.

can you make a video?

I too have installed a pole at my house to climb and enjoy that most intense pleasure.

I didn't find this out until I was 12. Climbing trees I would do the 'pole climbing' techneque. By they I was producing *** and I would have to clean my shorts or it would soak through my pants (hard to explain)<br />
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In my adult life I have found that during a few workout routines with machines, I would ******. Usually on the 'butterfly' machine. Did it once watching the 20 yo girl on the stair stepping machine... and once again... hard to clean up and even harder to explain the 'wet spot'.

wow, i had no idea others had the same experience. When i was in elementary school, i used to ****** from the gymnastic poles where you'd spin around and around. I'd grind on them so much i had bruises underneath my knees. <br />
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This thread is hott.

I discovered pole climbing in kindergarten and I have had the most incredible ******* doing it. I would spend all day at the school playground during summer break just doing it again and again. I would love to share with you.

Yes,,,, it was my favorite "discovery" as a kid ! My tomboy neighbor showed me how to shinny up the fireman's pole at the park a ways and then by doing the shinnying motions while staying in-place, we were able to get the most delicious feelings ! Worked over and over again !!! What was you technique exactly ?

Mmmmmm -- physical fitness never felt so good ... Gives a new meaning to "feel the burn" ... :-)