Fresh Clean Sheets Are My Delight

I love getting into bed after a shower in nice clean PJs and snuggling up into a freshly made bed... especially on a cold night after a busy day... and I know my cats welcome any new fresh washed laundry to sleep on in the baskets like babies in cradles... my cats love to sleep on fresh clean clothes or blankets .... in baskets or on my bed....

I love the smell of nice laundry powders or soaps or liquids... I use mostly enviro healthy ones ...  etc

I love to use nice fabric softeners as well... with pretty fresh smells...

sometimes I have ironed the linen

towels are so soft with the fabric softener.... and drying naturally in the sun...

I love to have a nice fresh towel that is fluffy and smelling fresh ....

I like to wash my clothes sometimes by hand.... intimate items and ones that need gentle care.

I love to use a eucalyptus wool mix to clean and hygienic wash the woolens

and I do use a nappy cleaner or things like Canesten for anti-fungal and antibacterial hygiene sometimes

there is nothing like a clean bed to hop into at night after dinner... its most kids delight!!!
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
Sep 1, 2011