Until this year I was a t-shirt and shorts sorta gal but then I discovered a new sensation - bare back and shoulders! This morning I threw on a casual strapless dress.  I must have bought about 10 new dresses that are strappless or have thin straps this year.  they are very casual, soft and easy to wear ( I even do the gardening in them!).  There's no need for a bra - fabulous!  And sometimes, no knickers (I went out the other day was in such a hurry that I just forgot! - lol).  This morning I threw on a casual strapless dress and found myself loving the feel of the cool morning breeze on my bare skin - it's just gorgeous.  Men must experience this all the time (in summer that is) - why they never let me in on the pleasure sooner, I don't know!  

I know this will sound funny but i also love the silky smooth skin on my back and shoulders, I'm always enjoying a quick feel of it with my cheek or finger tips. Then to have someone else run their finger tips over that skin - heavenly *rolls eyes up into eyelids*

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There is fun in danger, Lils... ;)

That's WG's fault...LOL ;) <br />
I have no idea what to bring to a nuddy party...never been in one...don't you just bring yourself nude? LOL...wait...I can bring booze! ;)

The image of my bum popping...yeah, thanks a lot! LOL ;)

The image still keeps popping into me mind...*grinning*

LMAO!!! At least I look elegant...but doesn't look LOL ;)

On your bottom?! *imagines Sylph with bottom higher than rest of body flying through the sky* So elegant...ROFL

LOL!!! Where the heck could I possibly put them???

As long as your wings aren't on your back.

Oh now I get it...d-uh...sorry, was kinda slow there...but back on track...<br />
<br />
A nuddy party!!! We started off with bare back and shoulders...and now everything is simply taken off???!!! Well count me in...but can I keep my wings when I fly there? ;)

At Lilly's place. She throw a nuddy party at her place this weekend. Want to come?

Well yeah...but I wanted to know where you're having the fairy bread...

Is fairy bread a standard kids party food in Canada Sylph?<br />
<br />
Lilly - not sure if At will be up for speaking about his secret with or wothout fairy bread :) (AT pardon the pun - lol)

Whoa! What fairy bread??!!! The fairy here needs to know... ;)

OooOOo a party! Excellent idea Lilly! I'll being the fairy bread. What are you going to bring AT?<br />
<br />
Noticed that you let go a bit of a secret last night Mister Blister! A size fits all huh? ;)

You made me!

It wasn't me. It was AT.

Lilly, we all already know that you are really a nudist in disguise. It's no secret!

Whoo-hoo! First recruit, WG...we now have Bliss...I am really getting pressured with the story now...dang! ;)<br />
<br />
Thanks, Bliss... :)

I'm joining this group! We have no summer to speak of, but I love to wear backless and sleeveless things. I'm pressured...give me time...I need an inspiration...maybe I could go walking around the house with my bareback family would probably think I am just the strangest ever! LOL ;)

No, No you can be the initator Sylph. I'm happy to have your name on it :) I'll start recruiting as soon as it is up. I look forward to reading it! N

Okay, WG...I'll put my thinking cap on and try and write a story for our International Bare Back and Shoulders Day...whew, what a long name...IBBS...easier...IBBS Day is June 24th...whoo-hoo! Are you initiating a group for this? You have to be the founder, you know that. ;)<br />
And yes, pictures...ATTENTION LADIES: pictures of your bare back and shoulders please!<br />
Wonder if I'm ready for pictures...hmmm...

Haven't been sunburnt once this season! *touching wood*

The bare back and shoulders certainly has my approval - for obvious reasons. WG has lovely skin there (not even one pimple!). It's always cool to touch on hot days too.<br />
<br />
I'm with DV on not getting sunburn though (or alternately, having to use another handfull of sunscreen to cover it all).

should be okey

No, I can't imagine wearing a strapless dress in the snow. Wait! Hang on! I did wear something like it once to a wedding in the mountains just outside Melbourne, and there was a freak autumn snow storm! Strappy dress and strappy shoes in a snow storm are NOT a good mix!

Sounds great! You write the story and I'll round up the troups! What do you say. We need photos of people's bare backs outside as evidence - come rain, sun or snow?!<br />
<br />
Ooo la laa - that so reminds me of my Maths teacher in year 7! She used to say that all the time. She also said what sounded like "****!" for the word Quiet! Which had us in fits of giggles, the complete opposite to what she wanted us to do. Hey, completely off the topic, did you know that "La ******" means swimming pool in french! That's about the only thing I remember about my french lessons from school. Anyway, it sounds like you do the whole body thing - to get a bit of fresh air Lil ;) lol.

Traditionally, it's June 24th, something to do with the Sun Solstice or John the Baptist or the Druids. It's not necessarily the middle of our summer months. Do you like it???

Okay...midsummer. Summer starts June 21-22 in Canada. So doesn't that make mid summer in early August , if it ends in September??<br />
<br />
No pimples on my back, thank you! Lucky otherwise Roj would have the upperhand, and sneak up on me... ;)

I am sure Roj loves it too. :) Easier for him to pop the pimples on your back.

Then we can make it in August.....or *bright, bright idea here*light bulb*.....we make it midsummer, just like Midsummer Night's Dream (so love this play!)...believe this is somewhere June though...June 24th, I think...must research... :)

Should be okay if I have all the oil column heaters going as well as the open fire! Nah, it's relatively mild here. I will probably only get down to about 15 C on a suuny day in winter where I live. We don't get much rainfall where I live and on most days the sky is cloudless. Actually, I'm going to China in August - September. What about then? Yeah! Summer again!

LMAO!!! :D<br />
<br />
We only have two months of summer, July and does these months work for you?

Well, Sylph, you choose a date and I go with it. I'll just hope for a warm winter day or sit on top of the heater! <br />
<br />
DV - it's called sunscreen luv! lol ;)

You're too cute, have to admit that Roj loves this, too! C'mon now... ;) lol<br />
And yes, I like that idea...International Bare Back n Shoulders Day for women...we'll have different dates're winter is my summer and vice versa...

get your minds out of the gutter you two! Heavenly because I like it, not roj! lol. What do you say NTG - there should be a international bare shoulders and back day for all women :)

Just turn the heating up Sylph for that tropical indoors feel all year round :) But over course you are welcome here. You'd probably think our winter was perfect for skimpy clothes too! lol

Oh yeah, got it, girl! Love those dresses...and even just the strapless tops or thin straps with the jeans go really, really nice.............finger,my, it because it's Valentine's? Roj must be in heaven... ;)<br />
<br />
I wish I can wear those right now! Dang! Must wait until July...and summer would probably last only two months...argh!!! I think I need to move to Australia...can you take me in? ;)