Special Occasions ...

I love the casual bare back and shoulders look for the summer.  It's so cool and comfortable.

But I also love it for special occasions too.  I had a fabulous Frank Usher full-length black evening gown some years ago which was very elegant.  The front was a low cut cross-over grecian style which fastened at the back of the neck and it had no back or shoulders.  The waist was pulled in really tight and it had a beautiful skirt which draped and hung really well.  It was the type of dress that you wouldn't have many occasions to wear but I really loved it.

There's something very special and sensual about having a bare back and arms.  It's good to be able to show off your body in a lovely dress now and again.

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yes I love it anewme ...

Just getting dressed up is great--feel so good about onesself---get that edge, the attitude going on--

By that you mean the underwear and the shoes, the perfume, the makeup ... Naturally it would include all of those things ... the full ensemble as you call it!

Especially where the 'full ensemble' accompanies it.

Yes I think so too EM.

I perefer to see a woman in a dress that in trousers any day. Much more femenine.

Every woman should have that desire to show off her body in an elegant dress. I have friends who think I'm a bit to over dressed because I refuse to wear slacks. dresses are healthier for you in that the make you feel good inside and others will tell you how lovely you look which makes the endorphins rise and theat is healthy.