Something I Long For

When my thickly padded bottom is patted affectionately it really touches my heart.
waddlergirl waddlergirl
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

I love it too. I'd pat yours all the time if I could!

Hi I like to have my nappied bottom padded as well do you wear cloth nappies with rubber knickers or the modern disposable ones I wear cloth & rubbers I love the feel & sound of the rubbers as I walk or turn over in bed I like the rubber sheet on my bed as well do have any of thease things.

I wear modern disposables with plastic knickers, the thickest I can get sometimes I am double diapered. I like the sensatipon of smooth plastic and have a plastic mattress cover as well.

My g/f pats my diapered bum all the time

Mine, too. It's a strange sensation, to say the least... Acknowledgement; encouragement; affection; surprise; endearment; humiliationisms, etc. What is it with this that makes us get such a bang out of such a little act of kindness???