I just love to lay down on a nice soft white cloth diaper and pull it up through my legs and pin each side,then pull on a cute pair of plastic baby pants maybe the kind with a nursery print on them,pull my baby pants up and over my diaper and make sure my diaper is covered,stand up look in the mirror and say to myself"i do look like a baby or a toddler then i pull a cute tee shirt on sit down and suck on my pacifier while i watch cartoons.......that's what saturday morning are for!!!
Robynlynn Robynlynn
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 4, 2012


It is,just wish sometime i had a playmate to watch them with me that would be fun :)

Yes it would be lovely!!!!! I\'m in Atlanta, where are you??

On the other side of the states in AZ. by the Colorado river.....why is is it i find someone to watch cartoons with in diapers and plastic pants and they live to far away :( i wish we lived closer

I used to live in San Diego:-), but moved 8 years ago:-(

Wish you still lived in diego i\'m like 4 hours away we could be diapered for a weekend.

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