It Started With Nylon

For me it all started with nylon pantyhose and from the first time I put on a pair of pantyhose I have been addicted to the feel of nylon against my body.

When I was 12 I put on a pair of my mother's pantyhose and fell in love with the feel of that nylon against my skin. For the next 8 years I would put on pantyhose anytime I had a chance.  As I got older I wanted more and expanded into nylon panties and then adding slips to give me more body coverage.  The feeling of that silky material against my skin was so exciting.

I eventually went all the way and started wearing skirts, blouses, dresses, and high heels but I always have on my nylon layers under my outer clothes.  I will even wear a half slip with a lined skirt just because I love that extra layer of nylon to rub against me.  
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I understand. My wife keeps telling me I don't need a slip with a lined dress or skirts. But I just love the feel of a full slip.

Sometimes when my dress or skirt is not lined I will wear two slips because I love the feel. The feel when I move wearing all of that fine lingerie is wonderful!!!

I to am addicted... Started when I was 6 can't go a day with out them. I was married for 27 years and can't help but think it was parochially responsible for my divorce, my ex seemed OK at the time. We would hit the town just us girls, but always had a niggling feeling in my belly it was NOT OK. Our son was born so kinda had to put things in the closet for 18 yrs . I had my occasional weekends in Toronto And so looked forward to them , Toronto has an amazing CD community .

Yes most of us found that pleasure at a young age and fell instantly in love with it.

Toronto sounds like a place I need to visit.

Like I said Toronto is awesome we have a very open and accepting gay community that don't judge... The down side is if your not gay like me its not impossible to find an excepting women just difficult.. Being single for the first time in 27 yrs is now crazy fun!!

It does sound very interesting to me. Although I have never been with another man I think I want to try it at least once so this sounds like a good fit for me to experiment with my sexuality.

Yes,me too.I would love to be dressed by the right woman.Soooo intimate that would be.

mmmmm yes it would be.

Nylon/silk does feel so good against my skin

mmmm....... Yes it does!

I was 13 ! I was next door at a friends house. Went to use the bathroom and there they we're! His moms hosiery hanging on the curtain rod to dry ! The moment I touched them I was hooked ! I pulled a pair of pantyhose down and put them on . OMG !!! What an awesome feeling !! I coulnt resist, I went into her bedroom and found her hosiery drawer. I stole a pair of ph and thigh highs ! I've been wearing hosiery ever since !!!

Oh yes once you have that silky material covering your legs you can't quit.

Tell me about it !! It's an addiction ! I have over 100 pairs of ph, thigh highs and stockings ! I can't help myself when it comes buying hosiery ! Even my gf buys them for me !