My First Touch Of A Satin Blouse

Hi there, hope everyone is well & in satin heaven. Just wanted to let you know how I got started on my satin blouse fetish. It started with my mother, she had this gawjus white stripy satin rever collar blouse, she never wore a bra under it so I could see her hard nipples poking through.

I was about 10 & we were on the coast, she was wearing that blouse, I always like the shine of it, never touched it upto that point tho. She hugged me, I put my arms around her, my hands touching the very fine satin for the first time, I remember the cold soft touch, I ran my hands all over her satin back, not wanting the hug to end, she let go of me but I didn't. My face was on her breast, again she wasn't wearing a bra, my face brushing her nipple thro her very fine satin blouse. I kept staring at her blouse and breasts jiggling around under the fine satin. I kept asking for hugs, just to feel the satin again, she just smiled but only hugged me quickly.

Once we got back home she changed, I found the blouse in the wash basket, I found I was rock hard just looking at the ever so sexy satin blouse, I picked up the blouse, stroking it, smelling it. I ******** naked, called down to mother that I was going to have a bath. I slipped the sensual satin blouse on as wave after wave of delicious satin washed over my body, the long billowing sleeves always took my breath away. The hem of the satin blouse brushed my rock hard **** & I gasped. I took the blouse off & lay on the floor with the blouse open and over my hard **** & body. I rubbed my **** with the senual satin blouse, moaning loudly as I approached an earth shattering satin ******. Just then my mum tapped on the door asking if I was ok just as I exploded my *** all over her gawjus satin blouse, I tried my muffle my moans but my ****** was so intense it didn't really work. She said we will talk later but we never did.

I came out the bathroom very flushed, mother went in saying she needed to use the loo. The blouse was back in the wash basket at that point, soaked with my ***. I could hear the wash basket open & new she was checking on her blouse. She smiled a big smile when she came out. She wore the blouse a lot more after that day, I think teasing me. 
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Love it! I wanked most nights wearing mums satin blouses and her short leather skirts.

Oh wow!! That's just so sexy!!


Satin is so powerful at times.

It is indeed, I never could resist someone in satin mmm

I understand. It simply glides over the body.

Sain has that effect on me too!

Some great stories SatinBlouseFetish. They made me go hard, thinking about your mum teasing you and wearing her satin blouse to provoke your hard on.

My wife does the same. When she was my girllfriend, she had a reaaly shiny blouse. her mum and dad were on holiday and she invited me up for the day to cook me lunch. She was wearing the blouse and some shorts. As she came to greet me, she looked so sexy. She always had three buttons unfastened (still does - sometimes four to show off her breasts). As she came towards me she put her arms out and her breasts just jiggled back and forth. I knew she had no bra on. I hugged her and let my hand slide over her breast. She gasped and her tongue went down my throat and her crotch was ramming against my very hard member.

We were not even inside and her shorts were unfastended and my hand was inside her. She was groaning as she almost ate my tonsils.

We made it int the lounge, by which time just her blouse was left and that was open and showing her beaufitully hard nipples.

Instead of me being on top, she mounted me and just rode and rode me until she was screaming with the passion of it all. needless to say, it was a very memorable experience. We went straight to bed and continued lovemaking - as I could in those days! It was fantastic..even though the lunch was a tad overdone!

She wore the blouse when we went out for a drink later and still no bra - and with four buttons open, which showed most of her breast, as she turned from side to side.

People we knew made a point of saying heloo and givingher a big hug. The blouse was pulled all over the place! My girlfriend just giggled and winked and when we got home, she was just the same as when she had greeted me early in the day!

That blouse...I just loved it!

Well hunni, later that night mom said she had to go shopping and said that she would need a hand...She said she had to change & disappeared into her bedroom...sometime after she emerged still in that *** soaked satin blouse but this time had on a black satin skirt which was about hal way up her thigh, she also had on the black silk seamed stockings I wore earlier with black suspenders with the 4 inch spike heels I wore, I know I rushed putting her clothes n shoes back, must've been out of place.<br />
I got in her car, she got in after, while sitting her satin skirt rode up showing off her stocking tops and glimpse of suspenders, I almost came in my silky shorts...We got to the store, she saw me sitting uncomfortably in my seat, she asked if I was ok, I blushed deeply looking at her hard nipples poking through her satin blouse...She gave me a hug in the car, I reached over, my hands caressing her in her satin blouse, she said we can hug up & watch some films after dinner .As we parted my hands brushed against her satin covered breasts and accross her nipples...mmm they were very hard indeed...<br />
We got in the store, got some food then she said she need to goto the lingerie dept, she picked out 3 pairs of the finest silky satin panties, black, red and white...She asked if I liked them, I blushed deeply again, stuttering...yes. She smiled. She bought her goods then we left for home, all this time my raging **** was bulging through my shorts, I so wanted to *** like mad but knew if I touched myself I would *** instanly.<br />
When we got home mom put the dinner on, just some light food as she said she was tired and wanted to rest on the sofa, she kept all her clothes on including her high heels...After dinner we sat side by side on the sofa, I put my arm round her as I ofen did, she snuggled up to me. as she slid upto me my hand touched her breast, I didn't move it, her nipple was hard under the soft satin, I held her breast softly as she began breathing deeply. Her arm flopped into my groin, her hand only cms away from my raging ****. I moved to get more comfy, my hand gently grasping her breast through her soft satin blouse...Then she said she would like to lay down and we could hug up properly...Ok I said. She laid down and asked me to get on top of her as it's more comfy she said...I'd never done that before, when she laid down she opened her stockinged legs and asked me to get between them, I could see her full stockings panties at this point, red satin panties...I got even harder...We hugged up so close that night but oddly enough, nothing else happened...<br />
<br />
A few nights after more happened...

Oh hunni, you've had some wonderful experiences...I don't know if my mom wanted a girl but she clearly loved me enjoying her satin blouse...About a week after my last experience with her I thought I would try on her high heels with her seamed stockings, suspenders and sexy satin blouse...I couldn't decide what heels to try so picked a 4 inch pair of black court shoes, they looked so sexy, slim with a really feminine spikey heel that I caressed. I went through her lingerie and found a black lace basque with suspenders attatched, it looked so sexy I just had to try it. I pulled it on, it clung to me, the suspenders were higher than a normal suspender belt, I knew they would pull even more on my stockings...I pulled on her silk seamed stockings, clipping them to my suspenders...I was so hard, I couldn't believe how it felt...My stockings were pulling a lot more, I tightened them to the maximum to feel more pull on my stockings, I went to her long mirror, looking at myself in moms lingerie was exquisite, I looked & felt amazing...I slid her silky satin blouse on, knowing if it toucked my raging **** I would *** instantly. I slid her heels on, they fit me perfectly, I was unbalanced at first but persisted as I slowly walked around her room. I then remembered the mirror...I walked over, nervous at what I might find...As I moved in front of the mirror I was stunned...The first thing that caught my attention was how yummy the stockings & basque looked, the more I looked the more sexy I felt. The main thing I noticed was moms black lace basque showing through her white fine satin blouse. I couldn't believe how slutty it looked, that started mre down another road...I took her satin blouse off, laying it on her bed, opened up, laying on it, my raging **** lightly brushing the soft satin, feeling the intense pull of the suspenders on my stockings was too much...I exploded violently all over her satin blouse, her blouse was truly soaked. I knew that evehn if I cleaned it it would still be wet so I left it, putting it back in the closet drenched in my ***.<br />
About 20 minutes later mother turned up, I was in the shower so didn't hear her come in. When I out the bathroom mom had that drenched satin blouse on. She smiled and said hi, how was my day with an smirk on her face...<br />
<br />
Later that evening more happened...I'll tell all very soon...

Wow, again! I was a lot younger than you when I discovered the joy of wearing my mom's satins and had not yet reached puberty so those "pointer bulges" on my front were never a problem at that time of my life. You also are quite younger than I and are so fortunate to have been exposed to much finer lingerie items than were available in my youth. In the 1940's and early 50's the only item to hold up nylons was a stiffly boned girdle. Due to our size differences mom's didn't stay up on me very well as my thin adolescent body had no "chest or other body bumps" to help hold it up. I eventually discovered that if I safety pinned the top of her girdle to the band of her bra that I had on all would stay in place. (But oh how all that dug into my shoulders!)

I'll be interested in hearing what happened "Later that evening"!

Ooh lovely. I never got the chance to wear my Mums silky nightwear to bed but I did get the chance to try on her silk seamed stockings & suspenders a few times. I never experienced anything like it, especially when I had that white satin blouse opened on her bed with me on top of it, slowly making love to it, feeling the suspenders pulling on those sexy seamed stockings as I got close to ******* all over her lovely satin blouse. That day I ruined that blouse 3 times. The worst part was I heard her car pull up so had to leave her satin blouse soaked with my ***, rushing to put it back in her closet. Less than an hour later she was wearing that blouse, it mustve been still wet with my ***. She hugged me a few times that night, I felt my *** making the back of her satin blouse damp. Im sure she was hugging me to let me know that she knew of my mess on her blouse. That evening she was laying on the sofa resting, i asked her if I could hug up with her, we used to a lot anyway. She said ok. I only had on a pair of silky shorts, no underwear. I got on the sofa with Mother, hugging up close to her, my face resting on her chest between her breasts. She put her hand on my head, my lips brushing the satin blouse. I was getting hard again, my hardon against her leg mustve been obvious as she moved slightly. My head was then resting right on her left breast. She never wore a bra under tjis blouse so i was staring at her hard nipples poking tgrough the soft satin blouse. I waited until I thought she was asleep then nuzzled in closer, my mouth now right next to her nipple. I just couldnt help myself, I took her satin encased nipple in my mouth, feeling it get harder in my<br />
Mouth, her blouse was wet and her nipple was getting harder by the swcond. I looked up & saw her stir, she was biting her bottom lip. I thought I better stop so did. I went to sleep on her breast.<br />
I dreamed happy dreams.

OH wow, what experiences you had with your mom. I know my mom wanted a daughter but accepted me anyway. Since all the baby things she had received were satin girl baby gowns and dresses, at her request, I was dressed in them for my early years until i outgrew them. I've often felt that this action on her part is the root cause of my total addiction to satin feminine lingerie, long nightgowns and outer wear. Once I discovered my love of her silky lingerie I think she knew I was wearing it when she and dad were not home. Like you, I fondly remember the first time I slid into one of her satin girdles (1940-50's vintage, when they really were girdles!) and then worked her nylons up my adolescent hairless legs and finally figured out how to hook them up to the garter straps! That sure was a different feeling to anything I'd ever felt before. When I stood up and mom's silky lacy satin slip slid down over my legs along with her fully skirted taffeta dress that I had put on before deciding on wearing her girdle and nylons, I almost fell over from the weakness in my knees caused by the exquisite sensations my little adolescent body was feeling for its first time. I slid my feet into a pair of her 3 inch heels (which I had stuffed paper in the toes of so they'd stay on my little feet) and then took my first steps. Oh how right you are about "feeling the suspenders pulling on those sexy seamed stockings". Every step was a thrill. Later on when I'd reached puberty, I had the same feelings, experiences and results as you shared with us. One has to get very proficient at cleaning up after those thrilling "outbursts", LOL. Like you, I also loved it when my mom and later my wife would have me lay in her satin peignoir covered lap. Oh the feelings a male can get away with while in such a situation are fantastic.
I do think my mom knew, because on some occasions I'd discover new silky panties and nightgowns in my size under the ones i'd confiscated from her throw aways. I recall there were nights that she'd come into my bedroom late in the evening and check me out sleeping soundly under my covers in a silky nightgown!!!

Hey hunni, how's u? About 10 days after my last encounter with my mum she came back from work with a package but didnt say what it was. I went upstairs for a shower and when I came down she had placed her new black very thin satin blouse over the back of a kitchen chair. My eyes widened as I took the lovely blouse in, couldn't take my eyes off it. She smiled & went for a shower. I immediately went to her new blouse stroking it gently, it was extremely sensual & soft. I got my hard **** out and wrapped the shiny back over my ever so hard ****. The feeling was divine & found myself moaning loudly as the soft satin washed over me. It was extremely slippery and I just couldn't contain a loud moan as I came so hard over her new black satin blouse, being black it was very obvious what I had done. I heard my mum coming down the stairs so had no chance to clear up my mess. I left it and went in the lounge to watch TV. She went to the kitchen to get some shampoo then came in the lounge to ask if I wanted to hug up tonight, I said yes and noticed she was holding her *** soaked satin blouse. I didn't know what to do with myself, blushing. Then she disappeared upstairs.

When she came down she was wearing that blouse with a black satin mini skirt which came half way up her thighs, she also had black lace top stockings with black sussies & black heels. I almost exploded in my shorts. She asked if I would help her with dinner, I said yes & could clearly see my white *** on her black satin blouse. That new blouse was making her nipples harder than ever. It was long sleeved and long like an overblouse, coming down & finishing not far from her miniskirt. I just couldn't take my eyes of her during dinner. She asked about my day but I couldn't respond much as I was engrossed in her satin. We washed up and went into the lounge. She lay on the sofa & asked me to get on top as usual, I did sliding between her stockinged legs but this time I couldn't help lightly cupping her right breast through her black satin blouse. She did nothing except lay there and I rested my head on her satin encased left breast. We lay there for about 30 mins when she stirred, shifting slightly so my mouth rested on her left nipple. I took her satin blouse encased nipple gently in my eager mouth, sucking her blouse & nipple together, wow her nipples were huge a good inch, I played with her right breast through the soft satin blouse pinching it gently.

By this point my **** was rock solid & I decided to take it out my shorts. I shifted position slightly and felt my **** touch her satin panties, they were oddly very moist. Mother all of a sudden started lifting her hips up and down slightly, I could feel my **** starting to rub against her wet satin panties. I felt like I wanted to lurch forward but didnt as I didn't want this pleasure to end. Mother started making soft moaning sounds & raising her hips a bit faster. I couldn't restrain myself & pushed forward, pushing her wet satin panties into a very warm wet place. She groaned loudly, I lurched forward a few more times then she said she had to go upstairs as she forgot something for work the next day. When she came down she got back on sofa and I got ontop, between her black stockinged legs, I shifted up towards her panties but something was different, it was just a soaking warm wetness & as my hard **** touched it she shifted down the sofa slightly, my **** thrust forward entering her dripping *****. She clenched her ***** muscles tightly round my hard **** drawing me in all the way. She groaned loudly & I looked up, her eyes were open, she pressed my head to her breast while grabbing my bum and pushing my hard **** in her hard. All of a sudden my **** twitched and mothers moans were getting louder, I then squirted inside her. It was so intense I almost passed out.

Loved your story. I loved prancing around our empty house, after school while mom & dad were still at work, wearing her satin and silky lingerie, evening gowns, dresses, blouse and skirt sets, even her 1930's vintage white satin bridal gown graced my body many times (until I'd totally ruined it with rips etc.) and most of all her exquisite satin nightgowns. I loved helping dad with the laundry on Saturday mornings as it gave me the opportunity to fondle all her lovely feminine items! It was a thrilling night the first time I took her discarded elegant satin nightgowns from the trash and slept in them. From that day on I believe I was forever hooked on enjoying my feminine side!!!

Yes, quite a few. Will be adding mire stories about later encounters shortly.

lovely story any more higs