Satin And Silk Materials.

I love wearing lingerie that is made of satin or silk as it is so smooth on the skin and dresses hang better if good lingerie is worn beneath elegant dresses, it is not just the outer clothes that are important.
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I totally agree & love to have the slip and slide under a nicely lined skirt.

It feels so nice to the touch especially on the skin. Adorable.

Pamela, thank you. I am wearing at present a Black Silk Skirt under a Mint Green Nylon maxi nighty, and the feel is very Exotic, I have only one Silk nighty which I treasure along with 3 Silk Skirts. I quite often wear these Silk Skirts under a maxi Nylon Nighty when I go to bed it allows me to get up steam. what a feeling.!

Yes it conveys sensuality to use the correct under garments during the day and it sets the stage for what should follow which is the preparation for the privacy and sanctum of the bedroom - the selection of elegant, respectful attire for bedtime - the invitation of a silk or satin nightgown be it long or short but with French knickers or a teddy with either the cut of the French knickers at the bottom or an opening ride for access - perhaps some fine vintage treasure - the thought and care to prepare the mind and the body for the certainty of intimate relations to come is incredibly attractive.

must say ,pamela i do think ,from a mans view nothing better than the feel ov lady in silk panties and silk slip oo nightie ,plz add

i agree silk is gorgeous ,please add me

Undoubtedly satin and silk feels so beautiful against soft feminine skin as does nylon. It certainly does hang very nicely under dresses and skirts. Nylon is my favourite fabric and nylon slips under dresses and skirts i think accentuates a woman's sensuality so very beautifully. You are so right pamela, it is not just the outer clothes that are important, it is what is underneath them that is equally or more important in fact in my opinion.

Well said! And lovely picture!

I love them to.your thoughts on guys wearing???

It is perfectly normal for guys to wear silk lingerie, I approve

It is always nice when a woman supports a man wearing silk lingerie

I'm so glad you approve of us men that like our feminine side

Delighted to note your approval Pamela for guys to wear silk lingerie. Your support is inspirational. Thank you.

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I agree with you Pamela, i also enjoy wearing silk and satin dresses.

Silk lingerie is absolutely sublime especially when trimmed with French lace, would like to chat.

Love your story, "pamela8".<br />
<br />
Once those fabrics touched my skin when mom dressed me in the baby girl satin dresses and outfits she bought for her soon to be born baby girl (sadly I arrived with a stem) I think my body was forevermore hooked on their feel and comfort. There were many on and off periods during my long, so far, life but now they are a constant as I wear satin panties every day and sleep in satin nightgowns or sleepshirts every night and love every opportunity to do that!

Be my friend Pamela?I cannot communicate with you if you are not my friend.<br />
Louise CD

You are so right.It is an ensemble that make the whole woman.<br />
I love to dress and take my time to associate the article with the way I feel.Each nylons is separate, each foot feels special as I slip my heel on mmmm the feelings are what is so important to me.<br />
Louise CD a few photos...u must look great in them

It is always splendid to hear comments like these from a lovely woman.

I love silk and lace panties!!!

You are so right very comfortable materials next to the skin.