So Good

wow, who invested this
it just feels so sexy against your skin
and the way it shimmers
love all the deep rich colours and makes me feel so femme
christinemelody christinemelody
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How about slick nylon-lined slacks (as with a business suit) swish-swishing around your nylon-clad legs? VINTAGE, flat knit Hanes . . . seamless?

And how do you like the feel of a skirt w/silky slippery lining caressing your nylon-clad legs?


Wow - does it ever (feel so sexy against one's skin)!
IMHO there might be a nice niche market for male-configured "undercoverwear".
How about men's slacks modified with linings made of the same satin found in Farr West slips . . . ?

Interesting thought you've posted, "newsunrise4u". Even better would be if we lived in a truly accepting USA we could simply wear women's satin slacks/pants, like the gold, red and beige ones I own, outside all the time just like some really feminine women do!!! Berta

I am straight and athletic.

Since age 4 I have had a major "thing" for silky, slippery lingerie. I'll be 74 in a couple weeks, and the love affair is as strong as ever. The slips and negligees of the 50s, 60s and 70s were the best.

In the 80s, Warners made a line of polyester slips that was as slippery to the touch as my mom's nylon slips back in the 50s. For those unfamiliar with "slippery", the finest vintage fabrics would glide sensuously over each other.
Recently I found a source of "satinized" sheer nylon. It is incredible - just like the sheer nylon used to make negligees and sheer billow sleeve blouses 50 years ago.

I always feel blessed when I find a lady who loves sharing her love of slippery lingerie with a man - not her lingerie of course - but there a few (a very few) who actually enjoy time spent with a man who feels so secure in his manhood that he is happy to bring his along . . . for a nightlong adventure featuring a man and women dressed in silky, slippery lingerie.

Very well written, "newsunrise4u"! Would love to know who or where the source is that you speak of as those are the fabrics the enticed this now 73 year old back in the 1940's and early 50's when mom made them so easily available for me to touch, fondle and eventually try on. Didn't realize at that time that I would be forever addicted and so wish I had a woman in my life such as you've written about! Thanks for sharing with us, Berta.

Thank you I commented on another comment to you, very very much an issue and should, and could be marketed in our pleasure. Again thank you

I love that feeling against my skin so deeply sensual

yes they definately feel good against the skin

Oh how very true. I think we now know why the real women try so hard to fight our "dressing" they don't want men to know just how exquisitely comfortable their silky underwear and clothing is. (Of course this is exclusive of all the absolutely yucky formerly only male apparel they now wear openly everywhere all the time!) For the life of me I can't figure out why it is they get so upset with men who wish to wear their silky things when they no longer wish to wear them and look so elegantly feminine!!<br />
<br />

that is such a brilliant point

Thank you, Christine. I fear it's not being said enough and it should be shouted from the rooftops, IMHO!


so agree They are frightened that we may enjoy that wonderful sensuality and whole body feeling and just ******* will not be enough for us.

Amen you can't get a woman to wear satin or silk now days it looked very sexy on them. .. so waz up they want cotton boy shorts that resembles men's underwear. .. and hmmm that's no big deal. So why not allow us men to wear satin and not have a big deal with it... the panty manufacturer could bring satin panties to the store shelves and produce more sales. . Hell market them as men's wear, if done so hey its got to be good with the rest of the World. Now it's public tabu. Ages ago when Victoria secret first opened some stores they had a men's section and they had silk underwear, robes, and really nice stuff but I guess it didn't go well. I too this day have a men's robe(Victoria secrets).also a big also yes they make you feel sexy and good about yourself the feeling is great and I swear I perform better sexually as well. Due to the constant stimulation of the fabric. What's not to like?

Very nice reply to my comment, "soiledpantys", and I thank you for it. The reality is that many of us feminine loving men cannot fit into Victoria Secret's very discriminating sizes as they offer nothing for the more fuller figured woMEN in today's real world. I need plus sizes and a 48 to 50 bra band unfortunately! Thanks again, Berta!

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