I Want...no, I Need......


misszaskia misszaskia
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10 Responses Nov 26, 2012

What I would give to look that good in that dress for just one evening...

Oh dear, I drive by a formal wear, bridal shop often, and admire the windowndisplay so much ive nearly crashed a few times........... A fantasy ofine is to shop there......
You know it is..


A GG ladyfriend of mine posted a very similar story here a while ago on the same dress. Within days several of her admirers had offered to generously. pay for the dress. Seems to say something about OUR admirers. Not very generous in general. Still looking for cheap sex with a trannie instead of being true dedicated admirers. Bloody cheapskates who take us for granted. Have you people any idea of the costs of a double life and the costs of looking classy? Do we all have to run around in our (cheap) sloppy undies all day?

It's just not right. We deserve more.......

I would love that dress!....it's gorgeous!

Love the lace detail I think it would be gorgeous to wear

Stunning dress. We all would love to be wearing that

Today i was this close to ordering it. Had done all the ordering and adress stuff but then i saw the substancial shipping costs and chickened out. This is not over though i may still get back on that decision. It still gets me the shivers thinking of actually wearing it. Had gone for the dark green version in a size 14. Never bought anything like this online before. Bit risky buying without actually seeing it and without proper fitting.............Still a weak at the knees gown.........

I'd have sex with that dress.

I agree. Its beautiful!!!

Great looking dress