Satin Fetish Marriage

Hello to all of you satin loving people out there like us.
I dont know if i posted this correctly????
Ill try again
My husband and I love making satin fetish sex and we film it and have our own store if you are interested in cummming inside and taking a peek at we i can offer you please dont be a stranger.
I really want your advice and requests so please any thing that you like or want to see write to me...ok.

xxx satinfun wife.

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satinfunmarriage satinfunmarriage
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

There's obviously (to me at least) a potential niche market for sensuous garments for men to wear when making love w/their wives or lady friends - or when they're at home alone.
I just viewed your site - will revisit in a few days - like what I saw!
I've made many discoveries which I would like to incorporate in a possible line of men's underclothes. I've found it most enjoyable to go grocery shopping, driving the car, etc while my body is caressed in layered (satinized) sheer nylon. When layered, slick (both sides) polyester of 1980's Warner's halfslips glides ever so sensuously over itself.
I often keep Winky and the Twins inside of a vintage Hanes seamless/nude heel and toe stocking, surrounded in a "pouch" of slick Warner's polyester.
During winter, this arrangement is wonderful when I pump iron in an unheated garage. No one would ever guess, if they visited during my workouts!
Far West satin half slips are another favorite . . . when time permits I'd like to share sme insights about that (if you're interested).
Have a nice, slippery, silky weekend!