Just so love wearing satin and silk, especially my vintage nightgowns, makes me feel so feminine and envelopes me with the feeling of being the woman I so want to be.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I would give this a whole page of hearts if I could!

I love the sensual la<x>yers of dressing. It's like an erotic ballet starting with a warm bath and shaven legs. A light coating of oil or cream before attaching silky stockings to your garters. Sliding on satin full cut panties. I like to wear a tight nylon or satin camisole rather than a bra against my erect nipples. Once this foundation is on I select a floor length satin lounging gown topping things off with 4-inch red satin strappy high heels. A careless day of lounging (even alone) is sooooo theraputic....no stress.....just bathing in sensuality and the magic of nylon and satin. Every step and movement evokes more steps and touching. I am lost in a satin dream-just thinking about it.

Babes cd not agree with you more; love vintage too x