Spoiling Myself

I saw on the internet a site selling satin bullet bras, reminded me of the bras my sister wore, giving her very pointed breasts and proud nipples.

I ordered one in Gold satin with a six strap garterbelt, camisole, tap pants thong and briefs to match. Also a pair of sheer black seamed RHT stockings.

After a long soak in a perfumed tub and depilating the body so it is hairless. I dressed in the outfit. It felt so sexy as it slid on my body and the stockings on my legs I became aroused very quickly !!!

I took a long time with makeup using a new brush on natural look foundation then a blusher  brown eye shadows of differing shades . Highlighted with silver.Black mascara and a vibrant red lipstick. I felt I looked good.

I slid the teal coloured satin evening dress over my head and revelled in the feel of it sliding down my body.

My nicely styled brunete wig was the crowning glory.

Black patent 5" heel court shoes and I was ready, Picking up my clutch purse and car keys I went to a local fetish bar where we "Kinky' people meet.

I felt great and loved the compliments I got. Met another CD there and we went off together, what happened is another story.


Carolaus Carolaus
51-55, T
1 Response Mar 12, 2010