Nothing compares to that feeling.  Skin on skin. 

The very first time it happens, after the long lapse following childhood, is a moment never to forget.  Few people don't remember their 'first time'. 

The very special feeling to be cuddled by another naked body maybe reminds us  of that wonderful first contact with the body of the mother at birth, which is also the very first contact with life and with the outside world. 

Soon enough all of us learn that the world isn't the Garden of Eden and that the others are not as sweet as mother is. 

When after many years we are in the arms of someone who really and deeply loves us, it is a return to that paradisiacal state.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

It is, certainly is.....LOL!

isn't it a wonderful feeling? thank you, Sylphie...

Just saw this now.............seems just a bit too familiar.........hmm............