I Love My Body

I'm short Asian girl.  Only 5'3".  Waist: 23 in Hips: 36 in.  I love my curves.  I love to put my hands on my tiny waist.  My boyfriends also like to grab on my waist too haha so of them have big hands, if they joint both hands they can grab all of my waist. It's a small part of my body, that makes me feel like a super woman.  I'm 18 and my body has started to form like a grown woman and I feel great.  I workout a lot to keep in shape.  I don't ever want to gain weight.  I started learning bellydance 2 months ago and I love me in my customs.  I think other bellydancers are beautiful as well.  But I will never wish to look like others because I'm unique the way I am.  As long as my age don't force me to, I will keep myself this way.  Even if people are just starring without compliments, well I don't really need compliments, because I love my body and proud to be female. 
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18-21, F
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haha I have a youtube video of me dancing but I kinda want this site to make me anonymous so...

You are so lucky. <br />
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That is all I'm going to say.