Do Men Like Big Areolas?

I always wanted to know if men liked big areolas on medium sized breast? I am a 34c with 2.5 inch areolas (diameter). Do men like that?
princessorange princessorange
13-15, F
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Yes they do

No wayy...and hell yes. Very very hot. Cant wait till youre of legal age,and can show us. Add me?

Yes, very much so. If anyone tells you different, you should find some one else to talk to.

If, one is fortunate enough to have a woman share intimacies, they would be foolish not to accept and be happy with whatever was a part of the package. That being said, I think most have an image of what is perfect for them. Your breasts and areolas sound exactly like what I find to be perfection. I think all women are beautiful but I'm not sure if all women think they, themselves are.

Actually, I prefer small areolas on medium sized perky **** from a looks perspective. But that would not ever be a deal breaker. Just on a physical basis, because that is what you asked about (personality match and a good attitude are much bigger and complicated subject). From a physical basis an athletic, trim body overall with a firm *** and perky **** are preferred. A pretty face and good teeth a must have and most important a nonsmoker.

For me, the bigger the better.

you are young, and have to grow both physically and mentally, don't worry about the size of your lovely female attributes. I am sure they are gorgeous.

For the record; I like women to have aureolas, period. Size is immaterial. Jus 'sayin...

Normal men like what ever you have to show them. It's one of the greatest fallacies in womens' thinking to worry about what men like and don't (unless the woman is looking for mr. television stud to be mr. right)