So Soft.... So Sensual...

I certainly love men, and find them, so sexy, and well.... will always want mine. But I do find women very sexy as well. It has been many years, and I really only have limited experience (ok once) touching, kissing, feeling such softness, and experiencing that special attention to my body, in a way just so gentle, that a man just has no clue.

Her soft lips, tentative teasing tongue, as we both wondered what we were doing and where it might go. Her soft touch on my breasts, my nipples so wanting. The feel of her very ample breasts still vivid in my mind. Our lips exploring each other, and when she kissed her way to my *****, hotter and wetter than I ever had been.... OMG.

Ah perhaps again one day.... 

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That is HOT!!! Would you please add me....

Way to go Pinklillyblossom! I could not have said it any better then the way you did. You are 100% right on point!

With the soft tenderness of the slightest breath, I hold you right on the razors edge of total mind numbing orgasmic bliss for hours. Till yov are trying to sell your soul for that release. With nothing more a gentle flick of my tongue across your engorged ****, Your trigger is finaly pulled. Agqessivly blasting with all barels as sunami of your juices floods my mouth. **** its gettin HOT in here!!! MWUAHH

Such beautiful imagery...mmmmmmmm...Danielle.

Men are wonderful .. I have always loved the way they feel and the way they react ... but a woman? Being with another woman is so totally different to a man. Maybe it is the way they touch and treat your body as they would their own that makes it such an erotic experience!

So few words, and yet they make my insides swril and tingle.

You have too much interest and desire to "perhaps" this lovely ex<x>pression. Best of luck and I hope one day is some day.