The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

I absolutely love the female body. Their soft skin, their gentle curves, I think there is nothing more beautiful. And to me, it doesn't have to be totally nude (not that I don't appreciate that). A girl in a short dress or in a tank top and boxer shorts can be so sexy. I love cleavage, a bare shoulder, and a firm booty in a tight pair of jeans.
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2011

Ahhhh I have to admit I always loved being a girl and men who admire our bodies! Makes life so much fun!! I agree with you we can be very attractive with just the right hint of skin - no need to bare it all.

And I love a girl who's confident with her body and mind, without having to flaunt it.

-.- ugh get a room

Haha, a girl who puts that pic up as their profile pic writes me a comment like that. Just being honest, not perverted. Sorry if I offended you. But I don't think my pics or stories are misleading. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Your the one flirting with her and posting a bunch of pervy crap. at lest she keeps it under raps a little more.

Haha....I love you even more because of your body. I have written several stories about a girl's mind and smile. But hey, I'm a guy...and I have to say, I do admire a girls' form. And you my dear have it all.... a great mind, a beautiful smile, and an awesome body!