Curvy and Delicious

I am so taken with being a woman and seeing the beauty of other women as well. I love the curve of the underside of the breast and the sensuous line that follows from the her side down to her waist and then curves over the hips. I enjoy watching women and much as I like watching men...No, I like watching women more. There are so many nuances.

mierje mierje
41-45, F
3 Responses Apr 22, 2008

Pan... yes, smooth gentle curves are much more attractive to me than the straight body. Although, I have to say I really love the V of a man's physique.<br />
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Cowboy...I also think all women have a sexiness about them, just some forget it's there and others bury it under many insecurities. <br />
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And about those loose clothes, I have seen some men pull it off nicely *walks away with a big smile*<br />
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i am in complete agreement! there is just something about the roundedness. personally, women with curves are much more attractive than sticks. :)

Wow... what a cool insite. I love that curve under the breast also