The Body

The aesthetics of the "ideal" female body, absolutely thrills me. I aspire to have the perfect body.

The perfect female form; I love the neck, such a erogenous zone. The toned shoulders, full breasts with slightly raised nipples. A 20 inch waist toned stomach, a strong sexy back and a full derriere. And ofcourse slender shapely legs.. 

Mmm the perfect female form almost as rare as an aparition. It never fails to tantilises me and always makes my body quiver in delight. I am sure many would agree.

Confessions of a straight girl

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A piece of notebook paper is 12 inches long. Cut that in half, and her waist is 6 inches across. <br />
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That's scary. <br />
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If only wonder.....:)

Holy crap that is crazy. She looks like a freaking barbie doll because of that waist. That is terrifying. She must have some major intestinal problems now, if she's still alive that is. <br />
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I'm sorry I'm not familiar with your fancy lingo curly. If only I could see the supremacy spewing from your mouth.... :P<br />
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Google Image Search....Cathie Jung

GIS her? <br />
<br />
What's that?

GIS her. <br />
<br />
Her waist is the size of a jar of mayonnaise. <br />
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Not sure which is more disgusting.

that's very sexy...death by corset.

"Of course, Ethel Granger and Cathie Jung are among the best known corset wearers of contemporary corset history. Both ladies appear in the Guinness Book of World Records. You can find Cathie on the website of Guinness Books of World Records under Human Body/Smallest waist on a living person.<br />
The entries state Ethel's corseted waist of 13 inch (33 cm) and Cathie's 15 inch (38 cm) but in a way, Cathie has beaten Ethel.<br />
In her time, Ethel Granger (see her website) was able to reduce her waist from 23 inch (58,5 cm) to 13 inch (33 cm), so, a reduction of about 10 inches (25 cm). Cathie Jung reduced her waist from 26 inch (66 cm) to 15 inch (38 cm), a reduction of 11 inches (27,5 cm).<br />
To achieve this, it's an absolute necessity to wear the corset day and night. Only when the weather is unbearably hot, the corset is taken off for a short while."<br />
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I have 20 inch rims on the impala...holla, gettin' laid tonight<br />
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sorry I had to.

What woman has a 20 inch waist?

i just feel really sad for you, you seem so superficial. A 20 inch waist?

i know what you mean, the female body is beautiful to look at if its porportioned just right, to have such body would of course be better than to look at :P