Seduction Fantasy

My Fantasy Fest Conquest (Part 1)

            It’s a typical hot and sticky October evening in Key West and the last night of Fantasy Fest. I am sitting at the bar nursing my Corona and feeling bummed. Here it is the last night of Fantasy Fest and I’m all alone. Since I am a local, I don’t travel here with a partner but have always had great times with the visitors to the festival. This year has been no exception but I sit here alone and horny. The band is hot and plying some great Salsa music but I am just in a fog, drinking and just looking at the TV behind the bar. The band finishes a song and in the momentary silence, I hear the sultry laugh of a female coming from the doorway.  I look that direction but can only see a portion of the woman attached to that laugh. All I can see is a pair of 6” spike heels attached to a pair of the shapeliest calves I have ever seen. As the waitress serves drinks to the table and retreats from blocking my view, and my spirits as well as my gaze are instantly raised. My eyes travel up from those luscious calves, to succulent thighs to take the entire heavenly sight. There stands a gorgeous specimen of female anatomy dressed in heels and a very small, red tank dress. She looks fantastic standing there, her long blonde hair cascading past her shoulders, the fabric of the dress thin and clinging to every delicious curve of her body. The form I see below that hair is the perfect hourglass shape with a perfectly shaped apple bottom attached to those fabulous legs. She is with her man but at this point, I don’t care. Usually, there is sharing that goes on during the festival and I am going to do my best to get a piece of that! Her man spots a table that is directly across from my view and takes her by the hand to lead her there. I am greeted by another delectable view of the profile of this beautiful creature. Wow! I think I even said it out loud as the bartender gave a glance my way. I watch her walk and sway to the table. Those heels accentuating the sexy shape of her legs and now I see the curve from that round apple bottom up the small of her back. I cannot see her face for her hair but what I can see is an amazing rack that is barely contained in the top of her dress.  Her nipples are erect and straining at the tight fabric and it is clear by the jiggle that she is not wearing a bra. As they make their way to the table and sit down, she slides in, crosses her legs and gives the waitress her drink order. The band begins to play again and I see her moving to the beat in her seat, giving those luscious breasts a sexy sway. I take a swig of my beer in hopes of cooling myself down a bit to no avail. She is really getting in to the beat of the music now and is moving around in her seat with her hands raised above her head. Dancing as best she can while sitting, those marvelous **** bouncing and swaying to my delight. I do not know how they are still being contained in that tiny dress due both to their size and the intensity of her movements. I attempt to avert my stare as she has caught me looking but I cannot! She gives me a slight smile and turns to her guy and he nods back to her. The next thing I know, they hit the dance floor and lucky me, they are within my eye sight! I order another Corona, take a long draw from the cold bottle, and watch the enjoyable show as this captivating woman does her sultry dance moves and pretend that it is a private show for me. They alternate between dancing and drinking all the while, she keeps catching me looking at her and seems to be enjoying the attention.

indy7up indy7up
46-50, M
May 18, 2012