Seduction Fantasy Part 2

My Fantasy Fest Conquest (Part 2)

                The two of them take a break at their table for another drink. As I continue to look at her she is discussing something with her guy at close range, He is looking in my direction and she turns her eyes toward me as well as she leans in close to talk to him. “Oh ****!” “I’m busted”, I think to myself and look away down the bar. As I take a long draw and kill my beer, I think to myself “**** it! Hopefully he won’t be pissed enough to want to fight. And, this is MY TOWN. Besides, it’s fantasy fest, what the hell does he expect? And, since it’s the last night, they will probably be gone by tomorrow anyway” I try to focus my gaze elsewhere but it’s nearly impossible. This woman’s sexuality and sultry movements on the dance floor have my eyes drawn to her like a moth to a flame. The band announces that for the next song, they will have a mini dance contest. The couple with the hottest dance will get a free round of drinks. They always do this as a way to get more skin revealed during fantasy fest. The band starts in with a sexy salsa beat and the lights on the dance floor come on quite a bit brighter than before. The couple gets up and moves to the dance floor. As they are heading my way, she gives me a little smile and a wink! I look at her man and he has a confident smile on his face and gives me “the guy nod” to let me know he’s up on what’s been going on and is cool with it! Awesome, I think to myself, now I can relax a little and enjoy the show they will undoubtably put on. He seems to be leading her as to give me a view of that sweet *** as they begin the dance. He glances my way and sees me watching them. He reaches back and gently cups her buttocks in both hands. “Uh-Oh” I think as I notice his wedding ring. But my concern is quickly dashed as he looks me right in the eye and begins to slide the tight dress up revealing those kissable *** cheeks. The dress she is wearing has a plunging back and now there is just a little fabric at her waist line. The light is bright enough that I can make out there is not so much as a thong there, just her sweet pink folds attempting to peek out as she moves. He looks at me with that same confident grin and grabs her by the hips. As he pulls her to him, she grinds her crotch against his leg to the beat. Not only do they now have my full attention but, something else’s attention below the bar! The song ends and they are awarded the free round. As they head back to their table for drinks, he slides her dress back down so that just the faintest outline of her *** cheeks are visable, ending my peep show…or…so I thought. They sit down as the waitress brings the drinks. As she turns to leave, this sexy vixen looks right at me, turns and begins to slide along the booth bench so that her legs are facing directly toward me. She never relinquishes looking into my eyes and I know she must be feeling the animalistc lust in my gaze. As he reaches the end of the bench, she ***** and slight lowers her head so that she is looking partially through her hair and gives me the sexiest half smile. My heart begins to race as I can feel my pulse in my head and my crotch as well. As I am getting turned on by this look amd noticing that her dress has slid up to her waist during her move, she spreads those sexy legs and continues looking right at me. I know it’s me as there is not another soul close by.  My eyes leave the lock of hers and trail down to the most glorious sight I think I have ever seen. Thank God that they have not dimmed the lights yet as I gaze upon her smooth shaved *****. It’s perfect, soft pink labia with a thin set of lips barely protruding. After way to short of time, she closes her legs and slides back into the booth. She looks across the table at her husband and so I let my gaze stray there as well. He is looking at me as I have been watching her and has the biggest grin on his face. “AHHHHH….Things are starting to look up tonight after all!” I think to myself.

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May 18, 2012