I Want To Seduce To My Mom

I M 34Yrs old single use to work in abroad.I LOVE A LOT TO MY MOM. I know this is wrong but 1 time I want to seduce to my mom. My mom is 54yrs old, my father was expired 10 yrs before. When I was 21 yrs old I saw my mom naked in bathroom through bathroom window Completely Nude I saw her so many times, she is very beautiful, her breast also very attractive her bumps also very very sexy, she is little fat not tomuch but little fat but very very sexy to me. 1 time my mom caught me when I was seeing through bathroom window & very much anger on me for some time & then maybe she forget. After that she use to come in my dreams & disturb me. Sometimes I use to take her Bra & Panties from her Wardrobe when she is outside & I use to wear her Panty & cover her bra to my penis & ********** after some time again I will keep same place that bra & panty in mom’s wardrobe before her going to come back from outside. So many times i use to ********** while I was thinking about my mom.I have girl friends also but my mom is much attractive to me then my friends. I want to suck her breast at least once time not more then that. Plz give me advice how can I seduce to my mom. My mom likes me a lot as a honest & responsible son, because after my father I takeover my family responsibilities. I have 2 younger sisters. We have small home. My mom is typical Indian old type one man women, she use to wear saree blouse only I saw her cleavage so many times through blouse .when I was 21 yrs old I use to press her breast through my elbow wen she use to sit beside me in car or Autorikshaw I think on that time she understand my feeling that’s y she use to move slowly my elbow from her breast, after that I never touch her till now. Only she use to hug me when I m return from my home to abroad after vacation or when I return from abroad to my home. I am sure she never think me on that way which I m thinking about her. But I cant control to my self in 3-4 months I m going to my home for vacation. So in this vacation I want to seduce my mom at least 1 time, otherwise I m going to mad. but how don’t know, how I can convince to my mom for that thing atleast once. Now a days I m cont sleeping bcoz of this thinking she use to disturb me daily & I use ********** daily I cant concentrate on my work. Some buddy help me. I m fearing of 1 thing I don’t want to break my relationship between me & mom as now we have. I mean she use to think me as honest, responsible & good son, but if I tell her like this way may be she fill bad & she is not going to talk with me..so give me some helpful ideas which can work to seduce to my mom. 1 time atleast & 1 more thing on vacation may be only 30-45 days I will be at home so in this period only I want to do this thing.plz mail me on (syedjam@ymail.com). I LOVE A LOT TO MY MOM.plz end me mail ur idias
sjamee sjamee
2 Responses May 19, 2012

sucking own mother ***** milk is like real heaven in earth.son is the only person who have the full rights to sex with his own mother,do u know how.....?..my father 4inches **** only go inside to my moms *****,....... sons full body was came by mothers sweet honey spearms *****..... 'tell this story to ur mother' and see........good luck

I understand what you are going through. My mom use to sun tan nude in our backyard. Her golden brown **** and ***** would make my **** hard. When she would see the bulge in my pants she would say we need to do something about that swelling. She would have me pull down my shorts so she could see what was happening. She would say that its nothing she had not seen or touched before. She would grab and play with my **** until she made the swelling go down. My white *** stood out on her golden brown tan.