Seduction Fantasy Part 5

My Fantasy Fest Conquest (Part 5)

                So…here I go to the bathroom with a serious case of blue balls. I am thinking “Do I go jack off before I explode, or just pee and hope that I get relief with this hottie before the night is over.” I decide that despite my raging hard on, the Corona is knocking to be released. I step up to the urinal and release at least one pressure point. I am in there alone and as I shake off the last drops, I hear the door open and close behind me. I am lost in thought and do not even glance as to who has entered. The sound of footsteps behind me does not register as I am thinking about the hot vixen that just screwed me to the edge on the dance floor and then left me hanging. I snap back to reality as I feel hot breath on my neck and see female hands slide on my **** from behind. I smell that familiar scent of her as she whispers in my ear “Let me help you with that, it looks pretty heavy” I am speechless as her soft expert touch brings my ever so slightly diminished erection back to full strength. She begins to kiss on my neck and give me the same ear lobe treatment I gave her on the dance floor. She is stroking me with superb skill with one hand while fondling my balls in the other. It only takes a minute of this and I explode so hard in the urinal that I think I will blow a hole through the porcelain. As she squeezes the last drop of *** from me, I feel my legs grow weak and shake, making it difficult to remain standing. “I thought you might need some pressure relieved” she says with a kiss on the cheek. She moves to the sink to clean off my ***** and freshen her smooth kitty from our “dance” as well. I quickly zip up, freshen myself and head for the door. I peek out ahead of her and let her know the coast is clear (like that really matters here!). I head back to the table to re-join her husband and notice that she is not right behind me. “How’d you like your dance?” he asks with a smile. I tell him that it was great and how hot I think his wife is. I compliment him on her great rack and said I hoped he didn’t mind me playing with his “toys” He nods no and gives me that knowing look, then nods towards the bar. His wife has stopped off to get another drink and is now doing her sexy walk back to the table. “Yeah, there’s nothing quite like a huge pair of natural knockers to hold onto” he says. “By the time she finishes that martini, she should really let her hair down” I’m thinking to myself “Holy ****! I am in for a Fantasy Fest to remember I think”. She sits down not paying any attention to how much, or little as is the case, of her sexy body is covered by the little red dress. I can see the top of her aureoles peeking out above the neckline and her nipples still erect and nearly poking a whole in the tight fabric. She makes no attempt to cross her legs and the hem of her dress is giving me a darkened but visible glimpse of her shaved woman hood. As she finishes her drink and I empty my bear, he says “I’ll go get us another round, you two just rest a bit.” After he has left the table I feel her bare foot rubbing along my upper thigh. She has removed her heels and is rubbing my crotch with her bare feet. I feel my soldier arousing and beginning to come to attention once again. I decide to return the favor by slipping off my flip flop and rubbing her smooth ****** with my foot. As I feel her hot moistness on my foot, she reaches down, inserts my big toe as far as she can in her slit and is humping my foot so that she is rubbing her **** on the remainder of my toes. It only takes her a minute or two and I feel her juices dripping all over my foot. I look over at her and she has a look of pleasure on her face. Her eyes closed and head cocked to the side and a little down while biting her lip. She now has a hold of my foot with both hands and is writhing in an intense but somehow quiet climax. After she has finished, I look towards the bar to see him returning with drinks. He motions for her to slide into the bench beside me and then slides in on the other side of her.

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May 21, 2012