The Beauty Of The Female Form

I'm heterosexual but I think that there is nothing more attractive or sexy than the female form.

There's just something so artistic in the shapes and contours of a woman's body that cannot be recaptured in any other living form on Earth. I particularly love the dip in the small of a woman's back and even though I love my fiance, I still think that women are the predominantly sexy species.

Whether you're straight, gay or an artist, it's difficult not to appreciate the simplistic beauty of a woman's body. Or to simply put it another way, I will always choose lesbian **** over anything else!
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
4 Responses May 24, 2012

very well put x

woman have all the nice curves to hug you, men find some way to poke you ( we're shaped like boxes), plus you smell better.

I often say that if I were born a woman I would be lesbian, the male physique is a huge turnoff for me.

Lesbian **** and gay ****. Yes, women's bodies are so sexy and I do enjoy watching girl on girl action that is really aimed at women (as opposed as stuff really aimed at men) -- but I also like to see guy-on-guy sex with ******** (not with anal) I guess because we spend a lot of time with male members in our mouths and we appreciate them and know what is fun with them so I get a kick out of seeing two gorgeous guys sucking on each other. Oooo, that gets me. (And watching either kind of gay **** you do not see the usual sexist bullshit that makes up so much M+F ****. (Obviously videos that my sweetie and I have made together for our enjoyment do not fall into that category.)

Totally agree that the M + F roles leave a lot to be desired. I mean come on people! How about a bit of role reversal once in a while?