Pump It...

I own a Corvette and the gas filler is on top of the trunk area. One of my many Turn-On's is, on a windy day, to put on a very thin fabric dress, thong, garter belt, silk stockings and high heels and go to the gas station. There is a gas station near my home that is used by a number of young cab drivers. I love to bend over and put the nozzle into the tank, while holding onto it with both hands. I don't have to wait long before the wind blows my dress up, giving the guys behind me a thrill...and me too!!. I pretend to not notice and keep bending over with both hands on that sexy nozzle. Oh'.it takes sooo long.. to fill that tank!!



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now that's just cruel lol

So, where is that gas station?

where would you like to drive to,

that's hot Iam always watching for that type of thing to happen. I am a perv and admit it. Girls like it when you see their panties

women I love you all


I'm downloading that to my fantasy file right now.

wow great story

Now that i would like to see,,You should get a friend to follow you in another car and take some pics...

I worked in a large office department before moving on. I wore skirts and light slacks most of the time. Most of these men were married and had young families but it was very apparent to me that they loved and enjoyed watching me. After several months and a fairly large jump in advancement, I always have felt the way I dressed and carried myself made a difference. <br />
<br />
I also was married as most of these men, but I had must sexual pleasure with these men when I sat down and moved around the office. Many times I enjoyed allowing them to look under my dresses or watch their eyes notice my crotch when I wore slacks. I also allowed them the joy of noticing me looking at their bulge in their pants. This great fun.

I have a Corvette as well with the gas filler on the back. Is it a C4? Corvettes are THE best.

I think most woman are to critical of their bodies. If they only knew how many men appreciate the female body, there would be alot more woman like yourself. Hopefully your story encourages more woman to be proud of their figure.

this is hot of course but the important part of this is the free-spirited feeling behind it...if more people felt and thought this way the world would be a much happier and more peaceful place..

Well, girls and cars, isn't that a great classical combination. From an early age, I often happened to be in places where teasers like yourself showed themselves, but as I grew up and became braver I often managed to pick them up and "punish" them for their naughtiness by a nice spanking followed by a hard pounding. Nothing worse than a teaser that isn't being put to the test...;-)

A hot girl, a hot car, and a gaggle of hot fellars gauking at the site! What a picture.<br />
<br />

on a windy day, she had a very thin fabric dress, thong, garter belt, silk stockings and high heels and was filling up her gas in the gas station. There is a gas station near my home that is used by a number of young horny chicks. I love to park there and watch chicks bend over and put the nozzle into the tank, while holding onto it with both hands. I don't have to wait long before the wind blows her dress up

equally lovely is when the wind blows a light summer dress to wrap around a beautiful woman's curves and between her legs excentuating her shape... very sexy x

Damn that is a turn on, a little wild but i think thats what is sexy about it. Why not do it in a gas station when there are chicks there see what reaction you get. I bet you may get an even bigger thrill!!

what a hot story. luv a girl that likes being naughty and flashing her stuff. wish a woman like you lived near me

Opposite of "easy and cheap." You seem classy and elegant.

We live in a state that still doesn't have self serve. There are two stations near us that still give the old fashioned full service. Sheer panties or sometimes no panties combined with a short dress is the key to having your windshield really, really clean according to my wife.

They are probably too enthralled to think of it.

The least they could do would be to pump it for you.

I just love that story. That would be how I would fill my tank. I see similar from time to time, mostly getting out of the car and showing panties, or no panties.<br />
<br />
Keep those eyes lookin at you Honey.<br />
<br />

I would love to dress up to fill my car like that

that is sooooooooo cool, you go girl, i wish i could do something like that!

Isn't it nice to know we can do that and know for certin that someone will notice and not be able to take their eyes off of.....

There is something very sexy about getting a big nozzle inside your petrol tank!

40 years ago i was sitting in my car, waiting for my mom. It was sleeting, and the parked cars had a coating of ice. A pretty girlcame out to her car. she was wearing a short skirt and as she scraped her windsheild, i could see she was wearing a white garter belt and sheer white panties. I was about to offer to help her when my mom arrived and we had to leave.<br />
Your story made me wonder for the first time if she was giving me the show on purpose.

That sounds like something I would do. Minus, the thong, of course.


Years ago, I worked as a station attendant. This young lady would come in every Friday afternoon with her candy red Corvette...and she would be in her matching red lycra/spandex bodysuit. Obviously on her way to/from the gym. There was nearly a traffic accident in front of the station every week, when she'd stop by.

A woman after my own heart!!!! Awesome... keep doing it (but be careful out there.)

A fun car. a fun girl, now thats what summer dreams are made of....