Not Ideal

I actually like the imperfections we females have. All the little things that are airbrushed out of most photographs.

Tummys! I love a woman with a little tummy - do you remember in "Pulp Fiction" when Bruce's girlfriend talks about her cute little pot belly? That's what kind of tummy turns me on. not "Fat" or anything - but a belly - soft and round and oh so lickable.

Breasts, well, all shapes and sizes are nice but I really perfer large breasts. I have very large ones so I guess that's why. But nothing fake - fake boobs are just gross. They don't move correctly and they certainly don't feel right. Keep it natural.

In general, a woman that cares about the way she looks is attractive. Even without the "perfect" body. women are pretty!

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4 Responses Apr 20, 2007

I agree ! REAL women have curves and imperfections, just as real men do ! and natural **** are the only way to go ! my gf has a great body . she hates it and is always critiquing herself. i only see the beauty , everything about her beautiful and sexy to me ! confidence is sexy and beautiful !

I agree, and it saddens me to see so many women—and girls—fall victim to the Madison Avenue hype, and have themselves altered to be Barbie clones. Best wishes, Labrynth.

I can appreciate 'perfect' and imperfect. All women have a combination of both. Almost all women have a 'perfect' something.

Well said! I have had the pleasure of being intimate with women who have varying physical characteristics. I love exploring and have a huge appreciation for the female body. To all the women that take care of their bodies and how they look: You are all so beautiful!