Goddess Energy

I dont think of women as pieces of meat, I worship them as the goddesses they are. There is nothing more meditative for a man than to gaze upon the naked female form.
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Agree with gypsy..............<br />
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BTW can u sneeze on my husband maybe he can catch what u got!

I AM balanced and have an open heart chakra, few men take the time to explore themselves as I have. I AM you, you are Me. We are ONE.

men from my exp... seem to be controlling... as if I cant speak my mind for fear of insulting them... I am very...> just the facts... type of person ... the get real and keep it real...type of person...<br />
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many men seem to want me to believe in their lies and when I expose them for who they really are. they get all pissy, as if I'm supposed to make them feel good because I'm female...god for bid I don't believe in their lies

Control is abuse, I gave that up years ago.

you are a rare man in my world....