The Beauty Of It Is Behond Words

The female body is so amazing. And comes I n all shapes and sizes. I love the softness the beautiful curves of a woman and the soft gental feminine face. My love for the female body is so great I have taken it into consideration with my passion for art. I used to be a blood and gore kind drawer and still kind of am but every since I had started practicing sketching pics of women I have put more detail and uniqueness into each peice that they are no longer just sketches. They are my well thought through artwork and now women are almost all I draw. Unless I decide to mix the idea of blood and gore and a beautiful woman together which indeed mixes quite well it is a unique mix. There is just so much to the female body it is beautiful and sexy and I perfer it over the male body and in my opinion it is one one true work of art <3
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A women's soft skin. A beautiful vagina. Pubic hair. Menstration. Big breasts. Soft lips. Nice cli0rises. No d*cks. That what describes a women

You are so right there is so much more to love on a female body!!!

Yes U R Right , the Female Form is A thing of Beautiful Wondermant with Its Sexy Curves & Silky Soft skin . I love them !! Please add me as A Friend SweetHeart ?

The male body can look sexy but it can never compare to a female. I love my husband and he has a nice body but give me the choice and I am going to look at girls.

The older I get the more intrigued I am with the female body. In my younger days I didn't spend a whole lot of time pleasuring women in the bedroom. Now that I am older I can't get enough of it. I can go for an hour just pleasuring a woman.I kick myself for not discovering how erotic it is to give her pleasure when I was younger.

Yeah it's great.

I'd to see some of your work

Thanx hun

good post, thanks,i happen to agree with your views. art indeed

it would have been GREAT,<br />
if only you had attached a<br />
Sketch of yours on this topic... ♥

well said and yes its natural and its nice

Great! Thanx for sharing this story.

I love the female form its so complex yet so simple. Its beautiful. From her long flowing hair to her beautiful eyes to the curve of you legs and the smalls of her feet!


I draw women too. They're fascinating subjects, aren't they?

they r really very beautifulll

We are of like mind on the female body, but the only gore that I have ever been able to tolerate was Al Gore, and he grew tiresome very quickly! ;o) !