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A Work Of Art

There is nothing in nature that is more beautiful than the female form. One curve disappearing into another. Long smooth slopes and sharp curves in just the right places. Every one inviting and pleasing to the eye. Nature got this one right.
pentupfreedom pentupfreedom 46-50, M 6 Responses Aug 15, 2012

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You liked my answer? Thank you....:)

I could say the same for the male form.<br />
Male swimmers for example have the most beautiful "Y" physique and six pack.<br />
Nature got that right. :)

bravo, well said.

Such a great story...and such a great subject!!! Teehee...<br />
<br />
As're much admired...

Thanks honey

Hit the nail dead on the head, jackpot! :D

You know, Lushiro, I think you and Pent would be great friends. Think you already know him. He is a sultan. Who are you in regards to women? Hmmm...Not a player. You are too tender for that. Must think on it. I know you appreciate women. Do you have an answer, sweet stuff?

Pent is very cool. He has my respects :) You're right I appreciate all women even if they don't value themselves, most fail to realize how important their character and personified beauty compared to sheer appearance. I look for those qualities first..then...the good stuff haha. ;) hugs and respects to 2011A.

He has been my friend here on EP the longest....He is dear to me. Like an older brother, but better...LOL! You are eloquent as usual, honey. And truthful too. Love you too, Lushiro. The first things I noticed about you were your compassion and your passion and your love of people. Especially the vulnerable ones. Those reasons and more drew me to you. And why I treasure you so much in my life. Respect and love....

Insert "are" between beauty and compared...

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You may be right, Pent. We were made to be pleasing to the male of the species. Built for pleasure and for childbirth....We do have those qualities. And we are wonderful when we are loved by the right man. Someone who loves and cherishes us. Thank you, Pent. You are a special man who speaks clearly on his love of women. Such a sultan! Kisses....Love you.