The Wonder Which Is

I love to steal glances at women's bodies, I love to see their torso's my favorite are the long ones I like a female with curves natural breasts with their curves and fullness, which give way to a defined whittled waist go further down and you will see the rounding of hips perfect for hands to rest on or balance a baby. Oh those thighs most women have beautiful full thighs and they trail down to sexy sultry legs and dainty well formed feet. I love the wonder which is a woman's body her shoulders petite and slender no matter what size she is her soft hands and long toned arms how I wish I could caress some of the females I see they are so inviting I want to feel their softness against my own I want to taste their breasts in my mouth to suck on their nipples playing with them with my tongue. I want my hands to probe their thighs and rub their womanhood. I want to wrap my hands around the waist graze the hips to cup her butt in my hands. A woman is a wonderful magnificent gift from God and how I wish it weren't a sin to love her and explore her in all her glorious essence.
Russiantsarina00 Russiantsarina00
22-25, F
Sep 11, 2012