Let's Not Be Too Skinny

I just watched The Sleeping Beauty yesterday, starring Emily Browning, and boy, that movie shows a lot of women's body. It was interesting to see different shapes, and how some seem to be preferable/attractive to me. I am not a lesbian, but I definitely think women's body is beautiful, it is definitely an art!
It was weird too how Emily Browning is so skinny, and for 2 hours I was watching her naked body, and when I was going for a shower, looking my own body, it makes me look fat! I am definitely not fat, I do not think of that (maybe at some days I gain more fat somewhere, but definitely not fat). So it is true your eyes get used to things, and it becomes the standard after a while. Now I see if you look at magazines too much and the skinny models become the standard of girls should be. Silly, but I experienced it.
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4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

hi ! the human body is definetly a work of art . don't judge yourself by somebody elses body . curves are the art of the body . by your profile pic i see a beautiful young lady !
:-) all bodies are different just like art is different ! :-) take care !

I am too defo not gay but i do admire women's body. They are beautiful on many ways.

I also love the body of a female along with their smiles, walks, actions, intelligence, personalities, eyes, hair, facial expressions and just everything about a woman being as flawless and God's greatest creation for a man.

It's funny, but a lot of people do start to take those magazine models as the standard for how girls should look. The reality is that very few girls will ever look like that, if only because everyone's shaped differently and most would have to starve themselves to even come close to that. It's wise to be happy with how you look regardless of how other people look or think you should look, and I'm glad you recognize that.

Yes, true. Only shallow guys who think girls should be skinny like models. It is true slim body is nice to look at, but eventually beauty comes from the inside. I have met fat people who are very lovely and I'd rather spend my time with them than someone who is so good looking but not kind.

Oh, yes. I totally agree. None of my friends are skinny to an unhealthy extent, and I enjoy them all anyway.